4 Things to consider before buying a Domain name


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4 Things to consider before buying an amazing domain name

Choosing a domain name for your blog is crucial to producing the desired results that will drive traffic to your web page. The wrong domain selection can get you into trouble and cause you much difficulty later on. Most importantly, a right domain name selection may increase your opportunities for getting better Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. Taking time to research and learn the history of your domain will be imperative to your long-term success.

 1. Check Expired Domain names for problems

If you are preparing to buy a domain name, you really need to check domain names for a history of problems before you risk your online business future. Take a look at the Whois database, it will give you some basic information about the owner of the domain and where it is hosted. If the domain name isn’t currently registered you’ll simplify have the option to purchase it.

Tools to check the domain age, History and owned by whom:

Also, you can check backlinks of the domain at ahrefs.com to analyze backlinks. If there won’t be any backlinks that might be a fresh domain with no penalty.

Another wonderful guide to read before buying a domain is: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Buying a Domain Name in 2020.

It’s much better to do your research and avoid used Domain names which have the potential to damage your online business.

 2. Check If Domain is Blacklisted By Google

Most domain available for purchase might have been used before and in some cases, they might have been blacklisted by Google. It is therefore important to do this check before buying domain name.

Tools to check if domain is banned by Google or google adsense:

3.Copyright And Trademark Check

Choosing a domain name that is same as or quite similar to another well-known trademark, may lead to legal action. And if it’s a big brand, you might face a big penalty or get sued. So it’s always recommended to check for existing Trademarks before choosing a domain name. 

Tools to check for existing Trademark infringements:-

        i) Namecheck

4. Social Network username availability for your Domain name

When it comes to promoting your blog online, Social media is the best cost-effective way to begin creating a brand for yourself. It can generate a lot of traffic to your website. Ideally, it’s always great to have social media usernames to be the same as your domain name.

For example, if you owned the domain “prioritywebservices.com” you could try to see if “prioritywebservices.com” is available on social networking sites.

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