Website Hosting 101 for Beginners

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Find out what type of hosting service is best for you!

Website hosting refers to the process of storing files on a server that allows people to view those files online. The most popular types of web hosting include shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.


If you plan to host multiple websites on a single server, then shared hosting is the right choice for you. This option offers the lowest cost per website, but it also means that other sites will share the same space on the server as yours. You won’t have much control over how much bandwidth each site uses, so you might not be able to use certain features such as email services.

Dedicated hosting is ideal for businesses with multiple websites because it gives them more control over their own servers. They can install software and applications that help manage their business operations, and they can customize the appearance of their websites. However, dedicated hosting comes at a higher price than shared hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is an intermediate solution between shared and dedicated hosting. It provides similar benefits to dedicated hosting, while offering some additional flexibility. With VPS hosting, you can run multiple websites on a single virtual machine.

Cloud hosting is yet another alternative to traditional hosting options. Cloud hosting is growing in popularity because it makes it easy to scale up or down your website’s capacity without having to make any changes to your existing infrastructure.

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