Is Your Website Secure -Tips That You Can’t Ignore

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Is Your Website Secure -Tips That You Can’t Ignore

In recent years, the ease of building websites has expanded. Thanks to content management systems (CMS), like WordPress and Joomla, business owners are now the webmasters. Let’s Discuss some Tips that You can’t ignore

Don’t leave the front door of your site wide open! You need to secure your website, which means putting protection in place to keep out hackers, bugs, and other online nasties.

Here are some Tips that You can’t ignore

1. Install SSL

 Buying a simple Secure Sockets Layer certificate is a crucial first step.

ex: —- Not Secure and without SSL —- Secure and without SSL

2. Keep Software And Plugins Up-To-Date

Every day, there are countless websites compromised due to outdated software. Potential hackers and bots are scanning sites to attack.

Updates are vital to the health and security of your website. If your site’s software or applications are not up-to-date, your site is not secure.

3. Change Admin Link In WordPress Admin

Generally, each WordPress website has an admin link for login like :yourwebsite/wp-admin by default. If You want more security ask your developer to replace this URL with something else rather than the default one.

4.  Backup Your Website

One of the best methods to keep your site safe is to have a good backup solution. You should have more than one. Each is crucial to recovering your website after a major security incident occurs.

6.Record User Access and Administrative Privileges

Initially, you may feel comfortable giving several high-level employees access to your website. You provide each with administrative privileges thinking they will use their site carefully. Although this is the ideal situation, it is not always the case.

Unfortunately, employees do not think about website security when logging into the CMS. Instead, their thoughts are on the task at hand.

If they make a mistake or overlook an issue, this can result in a significant security issue.

7. Phishing Attacks

Phishing was primarily aimed at the consumer market, and malware was considered the biggest threat to businesses. Today, phishing is the top social attack on businesses, responsible for more than 90% cases.

Security is important for everyone

When we have words with site owner then below is statement from them :

But I’m not even making money through my website. It’s just a small blog. Why would anyone hack me? Why does it even matter if a hacker gets in anyway? 

Apart from losing money, hacking can result in huge losses in traffic, your site being suspended or crashing, and even identity theft. Your personal data, and that of your visitors, could be at risk.

In Conclusion

It’s very important to keep your website safe even if you have a small blogging website.

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