What is My IP Address

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What is my IP Address

What is an IP address?

IP address means Internet protocol address, and it’s an identifying number assigned to every device you use. Whenever you visit a website or app, your device will automatically search for its IP address before loading.

Any device that connects to the Internet has an IP address. Likewise, websites and apps can identify your location through your IP when you visit them.

Your IP address is your digital identification number, and depending on where you live, it will affect what content you can access.

Why change your IP address?

Hiding your IP address is vital for protecting your online privacy

Keep your passwords secure on public Wi-Fi

Stop advertisers from tracking your browsing data

Protect your Internet freedom and privacy

Unblock streaming services and websites


Using public Wi-Fi in coffee shops, hotels, and airports can put your Internet privacy at risk. It only takes a minute on a free Wi-Fi connection for a hacker to break into your phone or laptop and steal your passwords.

A VPN provides an additional security layer to your network, preventing hackers from accessing your device on public Wi-Fi.

Unblocking international streaming services

If you want to watch a movie or YouTube video, and you receive this message: “Sorry, this content is unavailable in your location”.

It’s because your IP address falls outside the content provider’s licensing requirements. You can resolve this problem with a VPN as it hides your IP address, changing it to a virtual one so you can access content in different countries.


What is your IP address location?


Your IP address exposes your real-time location, including your city, country, state, and ZIP code.

Every time you visit a website, they’ll be collecting information about you. Advertisers use your location and combine it with other data they’ve mined from your cookies.

With your IP address, trackers can build an online profile about you — they’ll know your location, what sites you use, how long you spend on them, and what you share online.

IP addresses are crucial to their advertising campaigns, and they use them primarily to target you with ads or sell your data to the highest bidder.

How do you change your IP address and hide your real location?


If you want to hide your IP address, you’ll need to download a VPN and use its virtual IP, which disguises your real location when you go online.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you can switch it “on” whenever you use your laptop, tablet, phone, Smart TV, or console.


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